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Subject: 	Right to Mod submissions
Date: 	Wed, 11 Nov 2020 07:32:45 +0000
From: 	Chris Clark <chris at makepublic.uk>
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Dear all,

I appreciate you asked for US views, I'm in Britain.  So if useful...

1) Several instances of usually retail email senders requiring me to 
enter name and password credential to unsubscribe over last 24 months, 
even though laws are in place.

2) Difficulty in eradicating SAAS-based PC apps, usually 
'performance-enhancing' and occasionally protection-based apps from the 
PC, either through requesting entry of creds which sometimes then do not 

3) The need to run a 'Broken Files' folder because from time to time 
Microsoft has concluded I do not have admin rights to delete a file or 
folder.  (I do for everything else).  Below is the current list.  The 
need for this has followed me all the way from Win 8 to the latest Win 
10 OS levels.

If useful.

With kind regards


*Chris Clark F.IDM, MBA
Chief Executive
Make Public
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**and South Cliff, Scarborough, N Yorks

Tel:  +44-(0)-7952 291 327
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