[RightToMod-2021] Watermark

Demetry Solesky demetry.solesky at watermarkfinancing.com
Wed Oct 13 10:44:56 PDT 2021

Good afternoon,

Keeping our name in the mix if there are any funding opportunities for us to work on an approval for you.

Watermark provides rates as low as 2.5% with custom monthly terms for:

*       Commercial Real Estate

*       Equipment Finance

*       Working Capital

*       M&A - Seed Funding (Global)

Have a great rest of the week.

Thank you,

Demetry Solesky, SVP of Sales

Office: (443) 465-1084

4365 Executive Drive

San Diego, California 92121


WatermarkFinancellc at gmail.com<mailto:WatermarkFinancellc at gmail.com>


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