[PrivacyBadger] Help test the brand new version of privacy badger for chrome!

Cooper Quintin cooperq at eff.org
Mon May 16 23:24:55 PDT 2016

I have been working hard on Privacy Badger the last couple of weeks and
I have fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of improvements to the speed
and stability. If you were using privacy badger before but disabled it,
please try it again! As of today I have only deployed it to 10% of users
(it has some huge changes!) but if you want to try it out early you can
take the following steps.
1. Download the crx file from the chrome web store:
2. Open a new tab to chrome://extensions
3. Drag the downloaded file and drop it onto the extensions window.
You should now have Privacy Badger version 2016.5.15
If you are having trouble installing it let me know and I will come help
you out.

Firefox users I will have a new version out soon for you as well.

- Cooper

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