[PrivacyBadger] Help test the brand new version of privacy badger for chrome!

Joakim Walldén joakim.wallden at gmail.com
Thu May 19 01:16:14 PDT 2016

Thanks for the new version.

I have one issue with 2016.5.16. It blocks images from 1.bp.blogspot.com,
2.bp.blogspot.com, 3.bp.blogspot.com, 4.bp.blogspot.com on Google’s blogs
(*.googleblog.com, *.blogspot.se), for example
https://security.googleblog.com/, https://googleblog.blogspot.se/ and


2016-05-17 8:24 GMT+02:00 Cooper Quintin <cooperq at eff.org>:

> I have been working hard on Privacy Badger the last couple of weeks and
> I have fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of improvements to the speed
> and stability. If you were using privacy badger before but disabled it,
> please try it again! As of today I have only deployed it to 10% of users
> (it has some huge changes!) but if you want to try it out early you can
> take the following steps.
> 1. Download the crx file from the chrome web store:
> https://clients2.googleusercontent.com/crx/blobs/QgAAAC6zw0qH2DJtnXe8Z7rUJP1rX98iOE5SwxVXgdVTMTKqobiCFyOuS_jNFoVMdRhW-bEA7QhvVJw2hrKrZS8b8ThMYsv0t-wxxLr4D-Sm2ZC1AMZSmuW2zjq5MsW529CVI2Rtq2QO7xWEQg/pkehgijcmpdhfbdbbnkijodmdjhbjlgp_main.crx
> )
> 2. Open a new tab to chrome://extensions
> 3. Drag the downloaded file and drop it onto the extensions window.
> You should now have Privacy Badger version 2016.5.15
> If you are having trouble installing it let me know and I will come help
> you out.
> Firefox users I will have a new version out soon for you as well.
> - Cooper
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