[Manila Principles] Manila Principles 1.0 finalised and to be launched tomorrow!

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Mon Mar 23 07:16:16 PDT 2015

Dear all,

We are delighted to report the success of the two-day Manila Principles meeting in Manila, Philippines today.  A very intense drafting process consumed most of the meeting (and we appreciate the forbearance of the panelists whose presentations were shuffled around to make more time for that process). All of the difficult issues that had identified on the list and from comments on the Google Doc were resolved to the general satisfaction of participants.  These included such vexed questions as whether takedowns can be ordered by a court or an administrative process, and even the dispute over whether intermediaries should be authorised to remove content under their terms of service.

Therefore, the resulting document is a very strong one and was received with consensus in the room.  At the same time, the document preserves all of the existing agreements that had been forged on the list by our larger group of participants on this list.  This is not to say that the actual structure of the text remains close to the last public version—in fact, it has changed quite a lot due to a restructuring that took place in between day 1 and day 2 of the meeting, requiring a further close review on day 2.  Nevertheless, all of the existing points (and, indeed, most of the wording) in the last draft has been preserved.

We hope that you will support the final text and endorse it at this website, which will go live at 3:30pm tomorrow, Manila time, coinciding with a follow-on RightsCon workshop:

http://www.manilaprinciples.org <http://www.manilaprinciples.org/>  (temporary username and password: manila, rightscon)

Please note that the website will continue to undergo improvement, including visual tweaks, the addition of floating “tooltip-style” definitions of key terms, translations, and the updating of the background paper.  Your suggestions for other such improvements will be gratefully received.  We are also holding the 1.0 text open for the correction of any grammatical or typographical errors that it might contain.  More substantial changes can feed into another major revision in the longer term.

Thanks to everyone, whether you are in Manila or not, for your hard work in making the Manila Principles a reality—and our hearty congratulations to you all on the birth of this new civil society standard and advocacy resource.

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