[HTTPS-Everywhere] Avira wants to contribute

Thorsten Sick thorsten.sick at avira.com
Wed Feb 25 01:19:15 PST 2015


My name is Thorsten Sick, I am developer and security architect for the
German Anti-Virus company Avira. We got several million customers, most
of them are German/European (so we are not very well known in the US).
Our target customers are private customers - with no IT knowledge
required. We design our technology to be simple-to-use.

We are planning to ship a (more) secure browser soonish. I see it as a

With that concept of a distribution we can add external Extensions by
default. Https-Everywhere is the first one I want to integrate -
offering secure browsing in insecure Wifis (not 100% secure, because not
every page offers encryption, but it is a good start).

I am experienced contributing to Open Source projects in the name of the
company (see: https://github.com/cuckoobox/cuckoo/graphs/contributors).
The browser team was formerly known as the Linux team, Open Source code
running through their veins.

The browser is based on Chromium, we will also contribute our code to
the Chromium project where possible.

My first estimation how we could help best is:

- Developing of the Chromium part of HTTPS-everywhere
- Modifying Chromium to fit the needs of HTTPs-everywhere (i've been
told there are issues....maybe someone has details)
- Internationalisation
- Maybe some usability testing ?

How do we best contribute ? How to best post Pull Requests and how is in
charge of merging them in ? Is this repo
https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere the one to fork and
contribute to ? What is the best communication channel ?

I am eager to hear your opinion on that and to get feedback (I am also
eager to start coding :-) )

Thorsten Sick

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Kaplaneiweg 1 | 88069 Tettnang | Deutschland / Germany
Telefon / Telephone: +49 7542-500 0
Telefax / Facsimile: +49 7542-500 3000

Registergericht: Amtsgericht Ulm, HRA 722586 | USt.-IdNr.: DE 815289569 | Pers. haftende Gesellschafterin: Avira OP GmbH | Firmensitz: Tettnang | Registergericht: Amtsgericht Ulm, HRB 726712 | Geschäftsführer: Travis Witteveen

Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Ulm, HRA 722586 | VAT-ID: DE 815289569 | Personally Liable Partner: Avira OP GmbH | Headquarters: Tettnang | Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Ulm, HRB 726712 | Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Travis Witteveen

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