[HTTPS-Everywhere] Difficulty making debug build

Jeff Beach jeff.beach at newyorkcasual.com
Sat Jun 7 20:22:13 PDT 2014

Hello guys.

I've joined this forum, but maybe this was not appropriate for my needs. 
I'm not a programmer and I have no idea about what you're discussing.  I 
am a business owner and all I need to do is to get my website listed on 
the https everywhere project.  Is there someone that can simply include 
that in one of your 'builds' or something?  Thanks very much for your 
help with this matter; it's greatly appreciated.


*Thank you,*


*Jeff Beach*

Founder & CEO




*New York Casual LLC***

*4348 Covey Ct.*

*Grand Blanc, MI 48439*


*www.newyorkcasual.com <http://www.newyorkcasual.com>*


On 6/7/2014 11:34 PM, Russell William Golden wrote:
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> I'm having trouble making a debug build for HTTPS Everywhere 3.5.x. I
> apologize for taking so long to try and to send this email. Here's a recap.
> I am the maintainer for HTTPS Everywhere in Fedora and EPEL. When 3.5
> was released, I discovered that the rulesets no longer worked on EL6. It
> was suggested to me that I should make a debug build.
> My problem is this:
> I cannot find instructions anywhere for making a debug build of HTTPS
> Everywhere. There is only documentation of making the XPI to start with,
> and there's no ./configure or "./makexpi.sh --debug" options. Do I just
> need the debugging symbols for Firefox/SeaMonkey for this?
> secondary problem, workable, wanted to note anyway:  It seems that HTTPS
> Everywhere cannot be built on EL6 as I have it configured. I need to
> find a python 2.7 build, and it isn't in EPEL. Workable, though, as I
> can get VirtualBox or VMWare Player and install Fedora into it. (I was
> quite surprised that py2.7 isn't in EPEL O.o)
> Thank you.
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