[RightToMod-2021] Microsoft account requirement for windows 11

Martin Roth marty at inconresearch.com
Thu Mar 31 09:29:16 PDT 2022

1.The product you (or someone else) wanted to modify, repair, or diagnose,
including brand and model name/number if available.

Windows 11

2. What you wanted to do and why.

Install and set up with initially with a local account, no internet
connection, not a Microsoft account connected to the logon.

3. How a TPM interfered with your project, including a description of the

Installing or upgrading a new PC to Windows 11 requires the user to
register and sign in with a Microsoft Account (MSA) and an internet
connection. There is no initial option to set up a local, or non-MSA

3a. If you know, what would be required to get around the TPM? Is there
another way you could accomplish your goal without doing this?

You can set up the account with a MSA then go and add a local user
account, give it admin rights, sign in as the local account and delete the
MSA account.

4.  Optional: Links to relevant articles, blog posts, etc.

Numerous, example here

5.    Whether we may identify you in our public comments, and your name
and town of residence if so. We will treat all submissions as anonymous
unless you expressly give us this permission to identify you.

Marty Roth
Norwalk, CT

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