[RightToMod-2021] A different kind of story

Nc1 nc1.c1.s3.h8 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:17:53 PST 2020

This is not only about the right to repair, this is about people refusing to buy new because they end up with less repair options for doing so. My trusty iPhone 5S is still running today thanks to five battery changes and replacing a screen assembly since a bulging battery corrupted the screen.

I take a chance with every new battery I buy because Apple does not allow me to get a perfect battery that will never inflate from them. I refuse to hand over whats in charge of my personal data to a third party for something as simple as battery replacements and screen swaps.

I have really opted out in helping the economy due to difficulty of repair. I've replaced capacitors in a router, TV, monitor, computer power supplies, all to get more years out of them. I have more things to repair but it's trial and error because I can not get any documentation for the circuit boards inside products.

We also need to end this throw away society and keep useful things working. Repair tools, the ability to repair, and any software to reflash the device locked chips is essential now for apple products.

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