[PrivacyBadger] Privacy Badger version 2019.10.28 released

Alexei alexei at eff.org
Tue Oct 29 04:52:37 PDT 2019

Privacy Badger 2019.10.28 has been released for all supported browsers.
As always, you can get it from https://www.eff.org/privacybadger
or from your browser's add-on gallery.

Notable updates:

* Updated the popup with a new, higher-contrast look
* Widget placeholders will no longer be applied for domains on the
yellowlist. The value of widget placeholders is full blocking (best
privacy) combined with a clear way to restore potentially useful blocked
content (convenience). Mixing cookie blocking and placeholders doesn't
actually improve privacy or convenience but does introduce various bugs.
* Added a replacement placeholder for YouTube (disabled by default as
youtube.com is still on the yellowlist for now)
* Added the Widget Replacement tab to the options page to manage widgets
that do get blocked and replaced with Privacy Badger placeholders. Visit
Widget Replacement to selectively disable placeholders. For example, you
want social buttons out of your life completely.
* Fixed various site breakages
* Added Hebrew translations
* Improved translations (Italian, Russian, Ukrainian)

For further details, consult our release notes on GitHub:

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