[PrivacyBadger] How should Privacy Badger deal with Flash supercookies?

Maxim Nazarenko nz.phone at mail.ru
Fri Aug 1 09:16:02 PDT 2014

Wouldn't Flashblock (and similar click-to-flash plugins) interfere with
flash injection?

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P.S. Chrome is no longer Webkit :P

On 29 July 2014 23:37, Peter Eckersley <pde at eff.org> wrote:

> r33lmm has offered to give us some advice/assistance in handling Flash in
> privacy badger, which is really about handling Flash LSO cookies.
> Flash LSOs are going to be a bit tricky for us to detect and (when
> yellowlisted) block or 3rd-party-block in Privacy Badger, and especially
> Privacy Badger for Chrome.  In Firefox we have extra browser API options,
> and the option of walking into the filesystem and messing with the Flash
> config file or the Flash cookies on disk, but even there LSOs will be
> tricky.
> One strategy would be to inject a content script which runs some flash
> into every page, that goes in messes with LSOs in some clever way.  But
> that seems horrible, and only worth considering if we can make our Flash
> run if and only if the page has some Flash of its own that's about to
> execute.
> Another strategy would be to forcibly set click-to-play for Flash, which
> is sort of ducking the question but might be ok.
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