[National-fiber-coalition] EFF white paper on fiber for your use

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Hi all:

I thought you might find our state recommendations document<https://www.incompas.org/Files/filings/2021/FINAL%20INCOMPAS'%20Recommendations%20for%20State%20Grants%20for%20Broadband%20Infrastructure%20(American%20Rescue%20Plan).pdf> helpful—it’s just a one pager for states that may be using their American Rescue Plan money for broadband infrastructure.  As you will see, we emphasize that fiber is critical for all technologies, and long-term planning to meet communities’ broadband needs is really important in addition to some other observations about competition and deployment.

During the discussion of AT&T’s fiber plans, I intended to point out that in its announcement this week of the spin-off of Time Warner programming assets and deal with Discovery, AT&T said that its goal is to reach 30 million locations with fiber by the end of 2025 in addition to reaching 200 million Americans with its 5G network using its C-band licenses in 2023.  Here’s the press release:  https://about.att.com/story/2021/warnermedia_discovery.html  As was being discussed, I believe AT&T has a fiber/5G wireless play that it needs to fund, so it’s in process of strategic deals that help with its financial position and debt load.

And if you saw Charter’s RDOF waiver, it says that it “will be bringing fiber-to-the-premise (“FTTP”) gigabit, low latency broadband internet access service to these unserved homes and small businesses for remote learning, telework, telemedicine, and a multitude of other applications.”  https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10511434226946/Charter%20RDOF%20Waiver%20Request%20-%20KY%2C%20MA%2C%20MO%2C%20VA%2C%20WI%20(5-11-21).pdf  (It’s waiver seeks to have areas that already are being built by other providers from being included in its RDOF award.)

Gary, I believe you gave a statistic on the gigabit wins in RDOF.  Do you mind sharing that again?


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Some of you have this, but in case its useful in your advocacy.

A couple years ago EFF’s engineering team broke down the physics behind the wires versus wireless transmission mediums, which led us to conclude it has to be fiber to everyone as infrastructure policy. It’s linked below.

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