[National-fiber-coalition] Big tent letter for discussion tomorrow morning (9 am PT/12 pm ET)

John Windhausen jwindhausen at shlb.org
Thu Jun 10 07:54:21 PDT 2021


SHLB will enthusiastically sign this letter, and we will encourage our 200+
members to do so as well.

The wording of the last paragraph is slightly awkward.  If you are open to
considering slight textual changes, here is an alternative.  If not, that
is OK.

Therefore, we urge Congress to provide full funding to universally
build future-proof
broadband networks all across America that will deliver capacity that will
meet local needs for decades and to ensure rigorous scrutiny of recipients
of federal dollars so that the program achieves the legislation’s
future-proof goals. It is time to act to end the digital divide forever by
passing a national broadband infrastructure program that will deliver
universal, affordable, 21st century, high-speed Internet access for all. ready

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 10:34 AM Ernesto Falcon <ernesto at eff.org> wrote:

> FBA and EFF have signed off on the letter for your consideration. Please
> review for tomorrow morning’s discussion. Ideally we do mass circulation
> for sign on next week.
> Relatedly, I am hearing that there is real pressure to continue to reduce
> overall funding to broadband even further than $65 billion today down to
> $45 billion, and I am seeing a lot of effort by the larger ISPs to just ask
> for subsidies rather than construction funds ie the Emergency Benefit
> program. So it is going to be important we have a big letter with all walks
> of life asking for big and bold infrastructure efforts later this month to
> inject into this next round of negotiations.
> Lets take our meeting tomorrow morning to talk the letter over. It should
> reflect the feedback we’ve taken in from various stakeholders here over the
> last two weeks and I think is ready for mass circulation early next week.
> Interrelated with it is efforts to impact the 20 Senators the President is
> speaking with now to negotiate an infrastructure package, which we should
> touch base on as well. EFF is scheduling meetings with these offices now as
> I suspect many of you are as well.
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