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It has been mentioned on a variety of fronts from folks here to the legislature, so I can only take a guess why 5G and other iterations of wireless are generally mentioned in the text but not precision agriculture. I think the likely reason is because its easier to define things with clearer technical standards such as 5G with a reliance on FCC interpretations of wireless standards.

I think precision agriculture falls within the community needs section under the priorities along with scalability, but that its going to be on us in our various capacities to convince the 50 states to factor that into their decisions on how to spend the money.

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Is there a valid reason for not taking up precision agriculture digital technologies as part of the broadband infrastructure bill?  This is critical to adoption with higher take rates to drive sustainability with the business models for rural builds.  Additionally, the impact on the world food supply, environmental conservation, farm labor and food prices should be enough to gain an audience.  I may need to seek another route for this phase of the discussion because it seems like it is being set on tin ears.

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Subject: [National-fiber-coalition] Latest text on infrastructure

I think this is it.

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