[Manila Principles] USMCA in Mexico: Invitation to sign the public statement

J. Carlos Lara G. juancarlos at derechosdigitales.org
Mon Jul 20 15:31:53 PDT 2020

Dear all:
I hope this email find you well and healthy. Apologies for cross-posting.
I am reaching you to request your support. A couple of weeks ago, the Mexican Congress approved some changes to the federal copyright regime in implementation of the Agreement between United States-Canada-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (USMCA). The changes are problematic from rights of users perspective and impact in the exercise of human rights, and were approved without adequate debate, justification, and without even using the flexibility within the USMCA to lessen their potencial harm to fundamental human rights and to the Mexican economy. 
Derechos Digitales and EFF have prepared a public declaration to bring attention to this issue, and as a display of solidarity with the people and organizations behind the "Ni Censura Ni Candados" campaign in Mexico, and their efforts to stop this harmful reform. The local organizations have confronted cricism in Mexico that acuse them to not been well informed about the potencial impacts of the recent reforms and we believe their local advocacy work would benefit from the support of international CSOs and Academics that have been working in the last 20 years with similar Copyright issues to what they are currently confronting following the maximalist Copyright protection approach historicaly led by the US.

 If you and your organizations could sign the declaration, that would be greatly appreciated.
I’m attaching the declaration to this email, and you can also read it here https://www.derechosdigitales.org/wp-content/uploads/USMCA-MEX.pdf
 If you wish to sign the declaration, please do it here. https://www.derechosdigitales.org/usmca-mexico/
 Thank you very much,


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Director de Investigación y Políticas Públicas
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