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Apologies for the cross-posting. This will be a great gig for someone!


The Stanford Law School Center for Internet & Society seeks a full-time
Intermediary Liability Fellow with experience and interest in the
intersection of laws governing Internet platforms, speech regulation, and
constitutional or human rights frameworks.

Intermediary Liability laws set the rules of the road at a unique juncture
of state and private power. Influence flows both ways - from states to
private platforms, and the reverse. Powerful platforms like Twitter,
Facebook, or YouTube may aid dissidents against oppressive states on the
one hand, and disrupt public processes including elections in democratic
states on the other. State pressure or regulation of platforms can protect
the public interest and Internet users’ rights -- or may enable states to
bypass constitutional limits and engage in “censorship by proxy.” Both the
state and private exercises of power have serious consequences for the
rights of Internet users and for the future of the Internet.

Intermediary Liability provides the intellectual and legal tools to
navigate this complex relationship -- and to shape its future. Tools to
protect Internet users’ rights include procedural mechanisms like those in
the Manila Principles, and constitutional or human rights frameworks. The
Intermediary Liability Fellow will develop robust analysis and policy
recommendations in this area, and shepherd existing work including CIS’s
renowned World Intermediary Liability Map project, which tracks
developments around the world. They will work with, and under the
supervision of, CIS’s Director of Intermediary Liability, Daphne Keller. (

Academic interests and excellence are a must for the position, but the
primary focus will be on impact-oriented work supporting rights-protective
Intermediary Liability laws and practices. Applicants should describe one
or more projects they would propose to support this goal.

Duties include:

   - Developing strategic projects to advance a user rights-based framework
   for intermediary liability law and policy, in collaboration with or under
   the supervision of the Intermediary Liability Director.  Projects may
   include developing and drafting arguments in the form of legal briefs,
   submissions to lawmaking bodies, policymaker education materials, template
   materials to support related efforts in the US or around the world.
   - Communicating and coordinating with other engaged organizations.
   - Maintaining the CIS World Intermediary Liability Map, including
   technical management, contributing new content, collecting new content from
   contributing experts in other countries, and expanding the network of
   - Participating in international meetings on Intermediary Liability
   - Organizing and running events related to intermediary liability, as
   well as events for Stanford Law students, including outside speakers and
   - Managing the intermediary liability area of the CIS blog, writing blog
   posts on international developments and coordinating contributions from
   international experts.
   - Developing and publishing your own written work in the field, as part
   of the strategic projects listed above or as a separate undertaking.


   - JD or equivalent foreign legal degree
   - Work experience in Internet law or public interest – at least three
   years preferred, but exceptions may be made for exceptional candidates
   - Prior professional or academic work relating to Intermediary Liability
   - Public speaking experience
   - Exceptional writing skills
   - Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to work
   - Ability to work in a self-directed and entrepreneurial environment

The position is based at Stanford Law School. It is initially for eighteen
months. The deadline for applications is 5/8/2018. The salary is
competitive, commensurate with experience, and includes comprehensive
Stanford University benefits.

Application Instructions:

1) To apply, please e-mail a cover letter, a CV, list of three references,
and three writing samples to cis at law.stanford.edu.

2) Applicants MUST also apply online via the Stanford Careers website at:

Daphne Keller
Director, Intermediary Liability
Center for Internet and Society
Stanford Law School
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