[Manila Principles] EuroParl draft report on prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations

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8. Recalls that the internet plays a significant role in fuelling the radicalisation of European citizens, as it facilitates the rapid, large-scale distribution of hate messages and praise for terrorism; expresses concern at the impact that such messages praising terrorism have on young people, who are particularly vulnerable; calls for a dialogue to be launched at European level with the internet giants with a view to preventing the online distribution of hate messages and to eradicating them swiftly;

9. Feels that the internet giants should be made aware of their responsibilities so that they delete illegal content as quickly as possible; believes that the Member States should plan for the possibility of bringing criminal prosecutions against digital actors who do not take action in response to the spread of illicit messages or messages praising terrorism on their internet platforms; believes that refusal or failure to cooperate on the part of internet platforms which allow such messages to circulate should be considered an act of complicity with praising terrorism and should consequently be punished;

10. Feels, however, that the internet is an effective platform for spreading discourse opposed to hate speech and praise for terrorism; calls on the digital giants to cooperate with the Member States in order to take part in the spread of prevention messages calling for the development of critical thinking and for a process of deradicalisation;

11. States that the internet giants, through internet referencing, have the power to promote radicalisation prevention messages aimed at countering messages that praise terrorism; feels that it is thus their duty to highlight messages that oppose hate speech and praise for terrorism, thereby making online radicalisation more difficult;

12. Supports the introduction of measures enabling all internet users to flag illegal content circulating on the internet and on social media networks easily and quickly, while respecting basic freedoms and freedom of expression;

13. Feels that every Member State should set up a special unit tasked with flagging illicit content on the internet and with facilitating the detection and removal of content that does not conform to the host internet platform's charter and rules; proposes that such units could cooperate with a European unit responsible for dealing with flagging;

14. Believes that online radicalisation cannot be stamped out without reinforcing the tools available to the EU to combat cybercrime; recommends that the European Union strengthen the mandate of the European Cybercrime Centre so that it can play an effective role in better protecting European citizens against online threats and detecting the digital processes used by terrorist organisations;

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