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great website guys -

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On 13 July 2015 at 20:59, Jeremy Malcolm <jmalcolm at eff.org> wrote:

>  Today the Manila Principles committee is pleased to unveil our revamped
> website with the text in eight new languages at
> https://www.manilaprinciples.org/!  The text is now available in French,
> Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Thai, and the FAQ
> and floating definitions are also available in most of those same
> languages.  Huge thanks to our (mostly volunteer) translators for making
> this possible!
> Simultaneously we have rolled out some other updates including an expanded
> and reformatted jurisdictional analysis paper, reformatted background
> document, reformatted PDF versions of the text in each language, and the
> above-mentioned floating definitions of key terms. A preview of the
> relaunched website was successfully presented last week at an action day in
> South Korea (reports: here
> <https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2015/07/threats-korean-and-european-web-hosts-rise-manila-principles-go-tour>
> and here
> <http://www.zdnet.co.kr/news/news_view.asp?artice_id=20150629154103&type=det&re>)
> and at the Asia-Pacific Regional IGF in Macau.
> With this relaunch, we are now positioned to step out our outreach around
> the principles, including upcoming discussions with US and European
> officials, leading into the first global IGF presentation of the principles
> at a workshop in João Pessoa, at which UN Rapporteur for Freedom of
> Expression and Opinion, David Kaye, is a confirmed panelist (subject to
> availability).
> We are also looking forward to future activities for which we can leverage
> the Manila Principles website, "brand", and community.  The idea that the
> steering committee has suggested for your consideration is that we draft a
> resource for the implementation of principle 3(d) and (e), which provide:
>  Intermediaries who host content may be required by law to respond to
> content restriction requests pertaining to unlawful content by either
> forwarding lawful and compliant requests to the user content provider, or
> by notifying the complainant of the reason it is not possible to do so ...
> When forwarding the request, the intermediary must provide a clear and
> accessible explanation of the user content provider’s rights, including in
> all cases where the intermediary is compelled by law to restrict the
> content a description of any available counter-notice or appeal mechanisms.
> The idea is therefore to provide some template text (or even a text
> generator) that intermediaries could use to ensure that they do not forward
> misleading or incomplete information to their users when content
> restriction is requested.  It would probably make most sense for a small
> working group to form to begin this work, and to report back to this main
> list with a draft.  The template could be launched either at the IGF (if
> ready by then), or on the first anniversary of the Principles.
> If you are interested in helping work on such a document, please let me
> know (off-list is fine).  Also, please take the relaunch of the site in
> eight new languages as a good opportunity to blog, tweet and message your
> colleagues and contacts about this growing resource.  Many thanks!
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