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On Feb 14, 2015, at 9:05 AM, Eduardo Bertoni <ebertoni65 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My only suggestion is to think in linking in some way the two processes and think in the best strategies to use the two documents for advocacy purposes. In my experience, even when a document does not express the organization view and only the authors views -this is the case of the UNESCO document as you said- the stamp of the organization -UNESCO in this case- in the document might help when you have conversations with governments. So, the bottom line for us is to mention in some way UNESCO document in the introduction of the Manila Principles, and try to push the two documents together.
> As I said, I will not be in Manila, but we might continue this conversation by email or with my colleague Daniela in the Philippines.

Many thanks Eduardo, I agree with the importance of reinforcing the UNESCO report.  In fact there has been a close relationship between the projects from the outset; the Manila Principles project proposal explicitly referenced the UNESCO project and we share one of the same authors (Elonnai Hickok).  Also, we did have many cross-references to the UNESCO report in our zero draft - though for the 0.9 public draft these were temporarily removed, because the UNESCO report was not (at that time) public.  Since it’s now public, we’ve been putting them back in.  When we circulate the next draft, you can let me know if you think the references are clear enough.

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