[Manila Principles] Registration reminder and draft agenda for Manila Principles meeting

Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Fri Feb 6 12:08:00 PST 2015

A draft agenda for our Manila Principles meeting in the Philippines is
below for your comment.  Although there is only one open slot shown as
still available, don't let that deter you from proposing a session,
because we can make room, especially for regional perspectives from
Africa and Latin America.

We currently do not have as many people registered for the meeting as
expected, so please do register now if you haven't already.  You also
have a good chance of receiving travel funding support if you do so very
quickly, as an initial allocation of support will be drawn up on
Monday.  Here is the registration link again:


You are probably also wondering about the next step in integrating your
comments on the draft and issuing a new draft - be assured that another
member of the steering committee will be writing with an update about
that today.

  Manila Principles day 1, Sunday March 22

08:30—09:00: Registration

09:00—09:30: Welcome and introductions

09:30—10:00: Overview of the Manila Principles project

10:00—10:45: Principles 1, 2 and 3 - presentation and table group discussion

10:45—11:00: Morning tea break

11:00—11:45: Principles 4, 5 and 6 presentation and table group discussion

11:45—01:00: Fostering Freedom Online: the Role of Internet
Intermediaries (Xianhong Hu, UNESCO)

01:00—02:00: Lunch break

02:00—02:45: Best practices - presentation and table group discussion

02:45—03:30: Jurisdictional analysis (Jyoti Panday, CIS)

03:30—03:45: Afternoon tea break

03:45—05:00: Global Network of Internet and Society Research Centres
work on intermediary liability (박경신 and Alexandra TBC, OpenNet Korea)

  Manila Principles Day 2, Monday March 23

09:00—09:30: Recap for those who were not present on Day 1

09:30—10:30: Overnight revisions to the text - presentation and table

10:30—10:45: Morning tea break

10:45—11:30: Manila Principles outreach and next steps (Jeremy Malcolm
and Katitza Rodrigues, EFF)

11:30—12:15: Intermediaries, hate speech and harrassment (Danny O’Brien
and Eva Galperin, EFF)

12:15—01:00: European intermediaries, speech and violence after Charlie
Hebdo (Gabrielle Guillemin, Article 19)

01:00—02:00: Lunch break

02:00—02:45: Intermediary liability developments in Korea (Kelly Kim,
Open Net)

02:45—03:30: A transborder due process framework, (Bertrand de la
Chapelle and Paul Fehlinger, Internet & Jurisdiction Project)

03:30—03:45: Afternoon tea break

03:45—04:30: Regional/open session, TBC

04:30—05:00: Reading and adoption of the Manila Principles by acclamation

  Workshop, March 24 or 25

0x:00—0x:10: Formal launch of Manila Principles website

0x:10—0x:30: Presentation of principles

0x:30—0x:45: Feedback from an intermediary representative

0x:45—0y:00: Presentation on jurisdictional analysis

0y:00—0y:10: Outreach and next steps

0y:20—0y:30: Open discussion

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Senior Global Policy Analyst
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