[HTTPS-Everywhere] New release 2018.2.26

William Budington bill at eff.org
Mon Feb 26 17:10:22 PST 2018

There is a new release for HTTPS Everywhere out today.

From the changelog:

  * Many/most mixed content blocking issues are solved when enabling the
    "Block all unencrypted requests" option thanks to the injection of the
    upgrade-insecure-requests header. This means this option can be more
    easily used for daily browsing with less site breakage.
  * Rulesets are alphabetically sorted in HTTPS Everywhere popup, with the
    first-party site (if covered) at the top.
  * Fixes an obscure Android bug where rulesets don't appear in popup for the
    first window that is opened after restart.
  * Many ruleset bugs have been solved (some dating 3 years back!)

Download from the usual places.
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