[HTTPS-Everywhere] Suggestion for SSL Observatory advanced options UI

Bernard Tyers ei8fdb at ei8fdb.org
Sat May 24 16:18:00 PDT 2014

Hi there,

I was poking around the SSL observatory options this week and had a thought:

I think these advanced options are slightly confusing, in terms of how the user interface is layed out.

There are two options with explanations:
1. Submit and check certificates signed by non-standard root CAs
2. Submit and check certificates for non-public DNS names

Each have a check box. The current UI shows the explanation outside the boundary of each option.

This can lead to confusion for the user as s/he may not see the association between the explanation and the option.

A better way to represent this would be to reverse the order and weight of the option text and the explanation, and bound them inside the option box.

Displaying it like this communicates that the explantion and the checkbox are connected. The explanation is also in smaller font, as it is secondary, the text at the checkbox is the action.

I’ve written this up in a blog post with a mock-up of my suggestion:


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