[HTTPS-Everywhere] 3.5.3 and Chrome 2014.6.26 released

Yan Zhu yan at eff.org
Wed Jun 25 16:18:51 PDT 2014

Note that 3.5.2 was skipped because I accidentally tagged the wrong
commit and pushed it to an append-only git repo. :)

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome-2014.6.26 has been released:

From the changelog:
  * Ruleset fixes (same as 3.5.3)
  * Fix redirect loop detection for HTTPS to HTTPS redirects (Github #289)
  * Remove item from rule cache when it is disabled by the user

HTTPS Everywhere 3.5.3 has been released:

From the changelog:
  * Ruleset fixes to Mozilla, PCWorld, MacWorld, Google Books, 4chan
blog, BuzzFeed, BBC, googlecode, TechDirt, Wikia, Technology Review,
Google Translate, CDT, Science Direct, Sourceforge
  * Fix rulesets.sqlite path, allowing global installation (Github #255)
  * Revert components/ssl-observatory.js to 3.4.5, possibly fixing crash
bug (Github #262)
  * Update observatory whitelist

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