[HTTPS-Everywhere] HTTPS Everywhere 3.5.1 and Fedora Linux / EL6

Yan Zhu yan at eff.org
Fri Jun 20 15:53:14 PDT 2014

On 06/20/2014 03:39 PM, Russell William Golden wrote:
> Yan Zhu wrote:
>> Thanks, that helps! However, we actually tried to fix this, so it might
>> work now with the latest versions from git. Can you check if 4.0dev.17
>> (the latest development release) works on EL6? If so, that suggests that
>> 3.5.2 will also work when it comes out.
>> See https://github.com/efforg/https-everywhere/pull/255 for details.
>> -Yan
> Yes, 4.0dev.17 works on EL6. Rulesets load, are applied, and can be
> enabled/disabled.

Thanks, I'll bring that patch into the stable branch.

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