[HTTPS-Everywhere] HTTPS Everywhere secure ruleset update mechanism

Red redwire at riseup.net
Fri Jun 13 18:42:05 PDT 2014

On 2014-06-13, 6:32 PM, Dave Warren wrote:
> It may be too late to start adding fiddling with the spec, but one
> other consideration of possible value would be to consider whether it
> would be possible to allow multiple sources of rulesets?
> The use case would be for an organization to deploy HTTPS Everywhere,
> use the standard/public rule sets, but also maintain an internal
> ruleset that would be used for sites within the corporate domain and
> are not appropriate to place in the public rulesets.
> I fully expect that this would be too complicated, but I thought I
> should mention it, just in case it's feasible

Yan and I briefly discussed this during our meeting today, actually. For
now, we're only going to consider dealing with having the EFF as a
source, but it may be feasible to add the ability to use any source in
the future.

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