[HTTPS-Everywhere] Difficulty making debug build

Jacob Hoffman-Andrews jsha at newview.org
Sun Jun 8 20:47:50 PDT 2014


You're correct that there is no debug flag to build the Firefox XPI.
Unfortunately, debugging Firefox extensions is kind of a hassle and
generally involves building Firefox itself from source. I find that it's
easier to add lots of console.log statements and debug that way.

The Python 2.7 requirement is only for the argparse library. If you comment
out the argparse usage in the various scripts, you should be able to run
them with an older Python.

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 9:34 AM, Russell William Golden <
niveusluna at niveusluna.org> wrote:

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> I'm having trouble making a debug build for HTTPS Everywhere 3.5.x. I
> apologize for taking so long to try and to send this email. Here's a recap.
> I am the maintainer for HTTPS Everywhere in Fedora and EPEL. When 3.5
> was released, I discovered that the rulesets no longer worked on EL6. It
> was suggested to me that I should make a debug build.
> My problem is this:
> I cannot find instructions anywhere for making a debug build of HTTPS
> Everywhere. There is only documentation of making the XPI to start with,
> and there's no ./configure or "./makexpi.sh --debug" options. Do I just
> need the debugging symbols for Firefox/SeaMonkey for this?
> secondary problem, workable, wanted to note anyway:  It seems that HTTPS
> Everywhere cannot be built on EL6 as I have it configured. I need to
> find a python 2.7 build, and it isn't in EPEL. Workable, though, as I
> can get VirtualBox or VMWare Player and install Fedora into it. (I was
> quite surprised that py2.7 isn't in EPEL O.o)
> Thank you.
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