[HTTPS-E Rulesets] Rulesets freeze, starting today

Yan Zhu yan at eff.org
Wed Feb 5 11:14:34 PST 2014

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Hi all,

It's time to start preparing for HTTPS Everywhere 4.0 to become the
new stable release. 4.0 stable will include all of the rules that are
currently in development, which means that the stable channel will
suddenly go from having 3,074 rules to having 10,655 rules!

This is a major undertaking that will probably take around 2 months of
testing to fix ruleset bug disasters, so here's my proposal for how to
do this:

1. 4.0development.15, which is going to be released later today, will
be the last 4.0development release. The next development release will
be versioned as 5.0development.0.

2. After 4.0development.15 is released today, Peter and I will no
longer be merging new rulesets until 4.0 stable is released in 2
months. However, we'll accept ruleset bug fixes, ruleset deletions,
and new features/enhancements in the codebase.

   In the 2 month ruleset freeze period, we need as many people as
possible testing out 4.0development.15 and reporting/fixing bugs! If
you're on Firefox, please download the latest development release:
https://www.eff.org/files/https-everywhere-devel.xpi. If you're on
Chrome, you have to build your own .crx from the master branch of our
git repo if you want to test out the development rules.

3. At the end of 2 months, we declare victory and release 4.0 stable
from the head of the master (aka development) branch. After this
release, we'll start merging new rulesets into master again for

Once 4.0 stable is out, we can continue discussing whether to support
external ruleset feed subscriptions, since ideally HTTPS Everywhere
should be doing ruleset updates every week or so. I haven't seen a
proposal for external ruleset subscriptions that is complete enough
for us to consider it at this time.

- -Yan

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