[HTTPS-E Rulesets] New rulesets: FirstGiving, JustGiving, New Moon Girls Online, AOL, Attendesource

mezzanine at Safe-mail.net mezzanine at Safe-mail.net
Wed Oct 26 18:13:43 PDT 2011

At the git://github.com/galenide/https-everywhere.git repository there
are a number of new rulesets for the Massachusetts General Hospital
OCD & Related Disorders Program, the Attention Deficit Disorders
Association (Southern Region), the National Eating Disorders
Association, the National Vulvodynia Association, Attendesource.com,
New Moon Girls Online, FirstGiving, and JustGiving. In addition, there
is an expanded ruleset for Apple.com and a partial ruleset for AOL.

The Attendesource ruleset is off by default because of errors with
certain event registration pages. For example, the page ahttp://attendesource.com/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x44974e7a1
seems to have problems when both JavaScript scripting and the
Attendesource ruleset are enabled.


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