[HTTPS-E Rulesets] Rulesets - one addition, one modification, and some clarifications

Christopher Liu cmliu00151 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 16:32:46 PDT 2011

To whom it may concern:

-- New ruleset: Scorecardresearch --
This is a tracking service and thus should receive the standard
comment that reads, "if we are going to include ads and tracking info,
lets atleast [sic] do it by https."

What is needed is a single rule to rewrite from http :// b.
scorecardresearch. com to https :// sb. scorecardresearch. com; I also
advise an exclusion for the crossdomain.xml file on the former domain,
though I haven't really tested whether it's necessary.

-- Modification: Hidemyass --
The server 6. hidemyass. com currently exists and fully supports https
just like the other numbered servers.

-- Other --
I apologize for making some inaccurate comments about the LKML ruleset
several emails ago. I originally said that it no longer works due to
redirects back to http and that testing from the Indiana University
campus is needed. That is all wrong. The problem was that my mind
confused lkml. org (for which the ruleset is intended) with lkml.
indiana. edu (which does not have a ruleset). The former works fine in
https for me.

The ytimg. com ruleset appears to be redundant, since the YouTube
ruleset also covers ytimg. com subdomains.

The inconsistent line ending types in default.rulesets are still
present in the 2.0development.3 build. I presume that the build script
could be modified to address this.

Again, sorry if someone already submitted any of this. Thank you for
your time and help.

C. Liu

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