[DSA-Alliance] [URGENT] DSA trilogue to be finalized soon: new statement of the alliance

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Just to confirm, we’re happy to sign on to the statement, and appreciate the comments and changes from others that clarified some of the sections. Looks good!


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Dear Eliska and all,

Many thanks for this and sorry if I could only add (minor) comments today, right on the finishing line😊 In particular, would it be possible to consider adding the statement on mandatory risk assessments and meaningful participation/inclusion of relevant organisations (amendment to Article 26, para 2a – ideally removing “where appropriate” but in any case, just stressing our call towards due consideration of multi-stakeholder involvement)?

Thanks a lot and of course, we still sign as ECNL.



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Subject: [DSA-Alliance] [URGENT] DSA trilogue to be finalized soon: new statement of the alliance

Dear members of the alliance,

As the DSA negotiations are approaching their end, we would like to share with you a new joint statement<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qUNc-DvTK_xkBim47xf0-Hl4tdfQqRCPCEK56UyQ1xg/edit> that we wish to deliver to negotiating teams on behalf of the alliance.

DSA update:
Major positive outcomes were achieved and sustained in the the DSA proposal. Having said that, there are several remaining issues that new joint statement tackles. These are:

  1.  Limits of automated decision making and risks of content over-removals: Article 7a that contains prohibition of legally mandated automated decision making is still in danger, since Council of the EU demands its deletion from the text;
  2.  Transparency reporting obligations for providers of intermediary services: The statement underlines its importance that has become even more significant due to the war in Ukraine;
  3.  Risks assessment and mitigation of risks measures: Article 27 and Recital 58 now contains direct reference to the Code of conduct against illegal hate speech that is highly problematic;
  4.  Crisis response mechanism: this is a new addition to the DSA proposal resulting from the was in Ukraine and consequent political pressure. However, the overly broad scope of this latest measure is worrisome.

Our new statement is significantly informed by the one from December 2021<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSqyqcic9GDHzJO0b7CUfBXM5pS7moRQJKB9VcqrbKk/edit>. For better clarity, I am also sharing the most recent 4 columns document (in the attachment).

DSA Timeline:
The next technical negotiations will take place on 19 April and the final political trilogue is currently planned for Friday, 22 April. If everything goes well (which might not) we will have first political agreement on the DSA finalized by the end of next week.

Next steps:
We would like to kindly ask you to review the statement by Tuesday, 19 April, COB. Unless organizations that signed the December 2021 statement object their participation, your name will be automatically added to the list of signatories. If any new organization would like to join, please express your interest by next Tuesday.

We will publish the statement with complete list of signatories on Wednesday, 20 April. The statement will be supported by twitter action. We would really welcome if all signatories will republish the statement on their respective websites and join Twitter initiative.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks for your support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Eliska Pirkova
Europe Policy Analyst and Global Freedom of Expression Lead
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