[DSA-Alliance] Follow up: Joint folder and DSA HR alliance statement to ongoing negotiations in Council

Kayyali, Dia J. kayyalin at uchastings.edu
Fri Apr 8 04:42:15 PDT 2022

hi all,
I’m sorry for my silence on the statement until now. I’ve been very slammed with things related to Ukraine. However, I can turn  my attention back to this next week, and before I started writing I wanted to ask if there are any relevant updates.

Thank you!

On Mar 21, 2022, at 5:46 PM, Christoph Schmon <christoph at eff.org<mailto:christoph at eff.org>> wrote:

Hi all,

As discussed, we have created a Google drive folder (have granted permission– let me know if you don’t receive a notification/link) in which you will find our joint statements and other documents, including the last 4 column document on the DSA. Please drop your documents in there, e.g. dossiers on disinformation and any other document you deem relevant, and let me know if you have trouble accessing it. Please be conscious about the fact that the files in there are not meant for further circulation and check in with us in case that you have any concerns. The google-docs structure has worked for our previous statements and is convenient for many DSA HR alliance members, but we may want to consider moving on to a more privacy-friendly option in the future.

In this folder, you will find a new document “DSA HR alliance statement March”, in which we can now jointly work on a new public statement. In line with what we discussed during the last DSA HR alliance meeting, we have already made references to our old statement and added information for your orientation. It shouldn’t be an overly burdensome exercise, but we would kindly ask you to contribute to the statement if you can.

Don’t hesitate to use our “DSA living document” (it’s in the folder too) or this e-mail list for discussions!

Best wishes,

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