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Eliška Pírková eliska at accessnow.org
Thu Oct 7 11:26:16 PDT 2021

Dear members of the DSA human rights alliance,

In last two weeks, there have been a number of alarming developments in the
DSA negotiations that kept us busy. The EP's Committee on Legal Affairs
(JURI) adopted its draft report containing measures that have far reaching
negative impact for fundamental right. In response, we (Access Now, EFF and
EDRi) issued *a joint statement *
summarizes main issues in the report as well as in compromise amendments
currently being discussed by MEPs.

However, similarly dangerous proposals are on the table in the leading
Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO). This is the
moment when we need to mobilize to make sure that the DSA proposal will not
be completely dismantled. In this vein, *we finalized the 1st joint
statement of the alliance
and kindly ask you for your full support, *as every single voice counts
right now.

The IMCO is progressing in negotiations and still aims at meeting its
original deadline for final vote - 8 November 2021. We know that  the
Working Group on DSA intends to meet 7 times during this month. That offers
us a great opportunity to impact these negotiators and to shut down
proposals that do not comply with international human rights framework. *We
kindly ask each member of the alliance to express their support and sign on
to the statement by next week, 13 October 2021.* Our advocacy teams have
already started preparing campaigning aorund the joint statement. We would
like to go live *on the 14th of October. *

Finally, it is my great pleasure to introduce FIlip Lukas, our new policy
intern who will be helping us with coordinating the work of the alliance.
Fillip will follow up with each of you individually next week.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,

*Eliska Pirkova*
Europe Policy Analyst  and Global Freedom of Expression Lead
Access Now | https://www.accessnow.org

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