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On 10/8/17 10:05 am, Burcu Kilic wrote:
> I am not sure why you guys are just mentioning human rights NGOs. How about consumer organizations or development NGOs? They play an important role in trade negotiations, and they have lots to say when it comes to digital rights and freedoms.  

OK, I've edited the last paragraph (now two paragraphs) to reflect
suggestions and edits by you, David Snead (in part), Susan Aaronson, and
Jyoti Panday, but I don't think we're there yet.  The last two
paragraphs now read:

  * Internet users, human rights NGOs, consumer organizations, and
    development NGOs are stakeholders in Internet governance and hence
    countries should include representatives of these organizations in
    their trade advisory bodies, including implementation bodies.
  * Countries must require that trade advisory bodies and processes
    generally operate in open forums, are subject to public observance
    and are provided timely access to documentation.

They used to read:

  * Countries must require balanced representation on any trade advisory
    bodies or processes, including implementation bodies, and require
    that they reflect all interests potentially affected and generally
    operate in open forums subject to public observance and access to

We have lost the word "balanced" and gained a second bullet point that
David (who should know because he has served on a Trade Advisory
Committee) finds problematic.  Since we already have a paragraph about
opening up proposals to a notice and comment and public hearing process,
I suggest we lose the second bullet point above and return to a single
paragraph which would focus on stakeholder inclusion, saying:

  * Countries should make trade advisory bodies and implementation
    bodies more balanced by taking proactive steps to include more
    diverse stakeholders such as representatives of Internet users,
    consumer organizations, and experts in human rights and development.

Does that sound any better?

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