[DC-Trade] Proposal for Dynamic Coalition document on trade transparency

Burcu Kilic bkilic at citizen.org
Thu Aug 10 10:05:21 PDT 2017

I am not sure why you guys are just mentioning human rights NGOs. How about consumer organizations or development NGOs? They play an important role in trade negotiations, and they have lots to say when it comes to digital rights and freedoms.  

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On 10/8/17 3:02 am, Norbert Bollow wrote:
> I think that it is inappropriate to reference only "free speech NGOs" 
> thereby implicitly deemphasizing all other human rights concerns.
> How about changing the reference to "free speech NGOs" to a reference 
> to the boarder category "human rights NGOs" which of course includes 
> free speech NGOs?

I do agree - I'm not sure who wrote "free speech NGOs" in the first place but it says "human rights NGOs" now.

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