[Companion-announce] SEC Updates to come

Soraya Okuda soraya at eff.org
Tue May 8 17:13:23 PDT 2018

Hello good people,

I'm including an ask, a few updates on SEC, and some details on the
updates below.

*The ask: *

Now that we've had some time to reflect back on what we made...I'd be
grateful for feedback on how to improve the resource.

*If you can fill out **this form <https://sec.eff.org/feedback>**or
email me <soraya at eff.org> by Friday, May 15th,* I'd be so appreciative.


        Right now, we're in the cycles of figuring out what a long-term
        maintenance and content updating plan for SEC might look like.
        I'm keeping track of all the suggested changes, with the hope of
        batching all the suggestions together and editing them at once
        when we have a date set.

    In particular, if you have */used/*//the resource in your trainings
    or workshops, your feedback is highly valuable to me! I'm always
    looking for more practitioners to get user feedback from.

*The updates: here's what you can anticipate in the next few weeks, with
a sneak preview!*

You can log in to sec-staging.eff.org to see some of the below changes.

    User: sec
    Password: clarity lapping crawfish unexposed likeness

    Per usual, I ask that you not share the credentials.

+ A lesson planner tool (ooh! ahh!)

+ A page for community-contributed translations (not yet visible, as I
have to add content)

+ A slight redesign to the lesson modules page, which will highlight
threat modeling more prominently.

*And here are some changes that are fresh on the site:*

+ A glossary! (Pulled from SSD)  https://sec.eff.org/glossary

+ A feedback form! https://sec.eff.org/feedback

*Last thing: *I will be at RightsCon with a bunch of my coworkers! If
you're also there, maybe we can schedule a time to chat? I'd love to
hear about what folks are up to, and if you have further ideas. I'll
even have a session about remixable graphics and lessons learned from
SEC (trying to see if the way we designed things for SEC is sufficiently
remixable for other folks to use, and if not, what we can improve). See
you in Toronto, if you are going!

Wishing you all well,


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