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Soraya Okuda soraya at eff.org
Fri Feb 16 16:55:32 PST 2018

Hi good people,

Happy Lunar New Year!

We've had a quiet period, processing feedback and trying to reflect on
what the immediate next steps are for the Security Education Companion.

No need to respond to anything this round, but I wanted to clue you in
on some changes we made, and some things that are happening in the near

Hope you are well,



*Additions to the group:

    Welcome to the advisory group, Chinyere Tutashinda and Megan
    DeBlois! Chinyere is at the Center for Media Justice, and Megan is
    at Internews.

    (For those who are new: This is an announce mailing list, so what
    you can expect is a fairly quiet mailing list, with a few emails
    from me sending once-in-a-while updates on the project. If you have
    feedback, comments, suggestions or even life updates, please feel
    free to email me directly! I'd love to hear from you.)

*+ In the past few months...We've been posting and gathering content ideas

    In general, I've been doing light posting (mostly posting one
    article to Security Education 101 every week, and adding things to
    the Security News section). Almost all of the Security Education 101
    pieces are up.

    I have a few lesson plans in the queue (e.g. Tor Browser,
    Circumvention, PGP) but need to take some time to really sit with
    them and get them right.

    I collected a bunch of notes on big picture ideas for digital
    security training. Thank you to those of you who shared ideas! I've
    attached the ones I received. At EFF, we're still figuring out how
    we want to disseminate and share this information. We're presently
    looking into micro-blogging (very social media-friendly short
    paragraphs that succinctly describe an idea).

*+ In the last month...We did a round of **user tests
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usability_testing>**! *

    My colleague, Michelle, and I used a digital user testing service on
    to see how seven regular people (non-digital security trainers)
    interpret the site on mobile and on desktop. How are they able to
    get around? Did they understand what they were looking at? Do they
    understand who this website is for and what they can find there?

    I've attached the summary of our user tests for SEC, for those who
    are interested. These are just for you, so please don't share them
    outside of the group.

    My excellent colleagues on the SEC team (in particular, Peter, Bill
    and Michelle) are helping me to prioritize some of these findings
    into actionable changes. Some things to expect:

        + a glossary! SEC will link to the *SSD glossary
        <https://ssd.eff.org/en/glossary>* in future releases, where
        technical, jargon-y digital security terms will be highlighted.
        I'm very excited about this.

        + a better flow when referencing topics between the Teaching
        Materials section and Lessons section.

        + we created a section called *Technical Concepts and How They
        Fit Into the Bigger Picture
        *in Security Education 101, to help the less-technical trainers
        with getting oriented with big picture digital security concepts.**


*+ This week...We did a webinar!*

    DIrk Slater (who is on this advisory group!) interviewed me on the
    process for developing the Security Education Companion for his
    Network-Centric Resources project. If you'd like to learn more about
    what designing this thing using user-centered/human-centered design
    has been like and can tolerate my awkwardness, the webinar dives
    into it. *

    I'm also always happy to chat about the project with you and friends
    if it's useful for your own project developmentā€”I gained a lot of
    insight from chatting with many of you early on, so please reach out
    if I can help pay it forward.

*+ Next few weeks...IFF and SSD

    A few of my colleagues and I will be at the Internet Freedom
    Festival in Valencia! If you're around and want to hang out, send me
    a note! I'd love to see you.

    Additionally...SSD is quietly going through a front page redesign
    and visual change after a rigorous process. So, in the next few
    weeks, you'll see a new version of Surveillance Self-Defense that
    will hopefully flow into the Security Education Companion in a
    smoother way. I believe the roll-out date for that is for sometime
    in the next few weeks.

*+ The future...?*

    + Making changes to the feedback
    I'm still making changes to the content and am figuring out a way to
    make these edits and roll out changes in a sustainable way. It might
    take me a while to get the editing/feedback cycle right, so thank
    you for bearing with me. I'm still looking through everyone's
    comments on the current resources, and figuring out a plan for how
    we can make these changes.

    + Help me collect feedback from people using the resource?
    If you know of digital security teachers (new and old) using the
    Security Education Companion, I'd be keen to hear from them. I'm
    eager for specific feedback on how things can be improved, and
    especially, what their experience was like in teaching people with
    these resources. Please let them know they can contact us using the
    sec-feedback at eff.org email, which goes to me directly.

Learn more about digital security at https://ssd.eff.org/.
Want to teach digital security? Check out the Security Education Companion at https://sec.eff.org/.
Check out tools for encrypting the web at https://www.eff.org/encrypt-the-web

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