[Certbot-dev] Certbot 0.30.0 Release

Erica Portnoy erica at eff.org
Wed Jan 2 13:43:54 PST 2019

Certbot 0.30.0 has been released. The changelog for the release is:

## 0.30.0 - 2019-01-02

### Added

 * Added the `update_account` subcommand for account management commands.
 ### Changed
 * Copied account management functionality from the `register` subcommand
   to the `update_account` subcommand.
 * Marked usage `register --update-registration` for deprecation and
   removal in a future release.
 ### Fixed
 * Older modules in the josepy library can now be accessed through acme.jose
   like it could in previous versions of acme. This is only done to preserve
   backwards compatibility and support for doing this with new modules
in josepy
   will not be added. Users of the acme library should switch to using
   directly if they haven't done so already.
 Despite us having broken lockstep, we are continuing to release new
versions of
 all Certbot components during releases for the time being, however, the
 package with changes other than its version number was:
 * acme
 More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.
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