[CalFiber] Cable lobby letter to Governor Newsom

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Tue Mar 16 10:36:30 PDT 2021

They basically want the Governor to reappropriate rescue money towards the CPUC. I mean, not impossible, but I think most of this money is going to get spoken for to keep locals and counties afloat and help plug budget deficits that were pandemic inflicted. Also the problem remains the program as it exists doesn’t work, so the authorities, particular in allowing local governments to be applicants, has to be amended.

That being said, we will keep track. If a large pot of money is just going to be set aside to fund these programs, I think that lowers the barrier for passing a better law by a lot as we wouldn’t need a 2/3s vote, just a simple majority. If real money is being set aside that would essentially deliver the funding you would need for the next few years (several 100 millions at least) that isn’t a bad thing. It would mean having to potentially refight this again in a couple years, but anything that gets networks off the ground and expanding is going to solve our issue in the long run, we just need to get seed money out to start.
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