[CalFiber] Santa Cruz ISP Low-Income Program

Christopher Mitchell christopher at ilsr.org
Fri Jun 4 14:29:57 PDT 2021

hey folks,

Thought some of you would enjoy this...

Cruzio is operating in Santa Cruz county and after being frustrated with
state and federal subsidy run-around games, just started working with local
folks to solve the problem. I don't think this is the solution everywhere,
but this is an example of how the larger system has utterly failed and that
local creativity can still move the needle.

This is a 75 minute discussion that I do a very poor job of starting... so
don't hesitate to skip ahead a bit.


Christopher Mitchell
Director, Community Broadband Networks
Institute for Local Self-Reliance

MuniNetworks.org <http://www.muninetworks.org/>
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