[CalFiber] Follow up on latest with Governor's budget and legislature

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Wed Jun 2 12:04:47 PDT 2021

Assembly is working hard to just park the $7 billion to do nothing and we need to fight hard to at least get authorization to the Governor's office to begin the planning phase which is contracting, feasibility work, environmental, permitting because that alone takes a handful of months. It buys us a few months to wrap up the fight of what to do with the money.

The real danger of delaying even the first steps of this process is losing the federal dollars since they come with an expiration date. Lets plan to chat on this Friday, EFF should have something out tomorrow on this to try to drive calls to the legislature but we're going to need everyone on this to push.

Ernesto Omar Falcon
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