[CalFiber] Senate/Assembly agreement on budget

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Tue Jun 1 13:10:35 PDT 2021

Won't be able to dig into the details but the gist of it is the money is being approved ($7 billion) with details to be worked out over the coming months. So the fight goes on, but the dollar amount is there. On page 12

Broadband. Appropriates $7 billion over a multi-year period for broadband infrastructure and improved access to broadband services throughout the state. Details will continue to be worked out through three party negotiations. Administrative flexibilities will enable the appropriated funds to be accelerated to ensure they are available as needed to fund the expansion and improvements.

Marvin, what does that "details" part look like? Is it all within the budget committees or within the telecom committees going forward?


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