[CalFiber] SB28 and budget follow-on education

Shayna Englin shayna at 42comms.com
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Hello again, friends!

Circling back on this:

1) Many thanks to the good folks at RCRC, EFF, Chris, and others on this
list for help in building out the attached quick sheet for county policy
folks on the budget follow-on. Sending in case it's useful to y'all, and
also happy to share the google doc if you just want to grab the content.
Just let me know.

2) Form for SB28 signon is here <https://forms.gle/aBfrdDv9vAa87V2S9>. Huge
thanks to Sean McLaughlin for helpful edits and getting the ball rolling on



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On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 3:13 PM Shayna Englin <shayna at 42comms.com> wrote:

> Congratulations and thanks all around, once again, for the week of
> winning. Cheers!
> The two things I mentioned on the call:
> 1) Sign-on letter for SB28 attached. We'll get a google form set up early
> next week, but in the meantime just let me know if you want on, and feel
> free to circulate.
> 2) If you're working on, interested in working on, or have input for a
> sort of "rapid response" education effort over the next 30 days-ish for
> local policy staff and leaders on the budget provision and its
> implications, please give me a shout. We're focused on Los Angeles and
> looking to be detailed/specific enough to drive useful action (or stop
> counterproductive action) but happy to be as broad as possible within that
> mandate.
> Have an excellent weekend and summer weeks!
> -S
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> *Shayna Englin*
> m. 323-217-3565
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