[CalFiber] Quick run down on budget vote this week

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Mon Jul 12 09:14:47 PDT 2021

This is not guaranteed to pass and cable/AT&T will fight it hard. Just need a simple majority.

$2 billion to CASF grants for public or private applicants in unserved.
$3.5 billion for the state to build infrastructure (middle mile) - 3rd party administrated
$750 million for loan loss account run by state treasury for local agencies

281.2. (a) (1) The Broadband Loan Loss Reserve Fund is hereby established in the State Treasury. Notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, moneys in the fund are hereby continuously appropriated, without regard to fiscal years, to the commission and shall be available to fund costs related to the financing of the deployment of broadband infrastructure by a local government agency or nonprofit organization, including, but not limited to, payment of costs of debt issuance, obtaining credit enhancement, and establishment and funding of reserves for the payment of principal and interest on the debt.

local agency defined as

(1) A city.
(2) A county, including a county service area.
(3) A community services district.
(4) A public utility district.
(5) A municipal utility district.
(6) A joint powers authority.
(7) A local educational agency, as defined in Section 47640 of the Education Code.
(8) A sovereign tribal government.
(9) An electrical cooperative, as defined in Section 2776 of the Public Utilities Code.

High-cost fund A, B, and Lifeline changes were removed along with CASF programmatic changes for later discussion.

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