[CalFiber] Notes from 2-26-2021 meeting

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Fri Feb 26 14:56:40 PST 2021

Early next week a new coalition letter will be circulated with everyone for sign off to endorse SB 4 before the March 15th hearing.

1) Agenda - Sacramento update

George - Assembly Aguiar Curry is doing some work on their language to get it closer to SB 4, following that the two offices will meet with the Governor's team and CPUC to assess. Worth seeing if we can get some idea of what Starlink is offering in case it makes sense to just go above 25/3 now for "unserved" for the grant program. We should also see language on AB 14 soon that will be shared with the group. Could be as early as first week of March to unify the bills, ideally we can support both bills to help bring it together.

AB 1176 - Assembly Members Eddie Garcia and Miguel Santiago have a new bill to create a new sub account in CASF that will go towards affordability.  No details are present on how it will generate the revenue. It is potentially an additional fee, its uncertain how they want to create it at this time. Ernesto raised the fact that different infrastructures have different costs to moving data that will implicate the subsidies to lower the price. If this bill is real, then having a better understanding of the type of networks that cost the least to subsidize for the best access will be essential.

AB 34 - Ballot initiative bond language. This is near final draft and should be circulated early next week for review.

SB 28 - DIVCA audit legislation - Senator Caballero has legislation that will change how franchise licensing operates in the state of California. EFF was asked to review and provide feedback on it, will do so early next week given timing of bills.

SB 378 - Micro-trenching legislation. Crown Castle is leading the bill.

Other bills mentioned
AB 41 Dig Once - Wood
SB 723 CASF changes - Bates
SB 740 - Casf changes that don't look like what the bill will actually become, probably a placeholder.

2) Anything else - Meetings will start soon with Senate Utilities, EFF will circulate a roster for folks to see who to contact where if they can arrange their own direct meetings. EFF meetings will start in full the week before the hearing.

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