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Some good news for the less resourced, though ironically it was cable that asked for the extension of time for filing comments on the state's middle mile infrastructure. New dates are

Opening comments are due September  3rd (next Friday)
Replies due September 21st

Ernesto Omar Falcon
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Subject: RE: R.20-09-001 Request for Extension - party poll

To all parties,
Late Friday, the ALJ issued the ruling below granting the extension of time to file comments and reply comments.
Thank you for your support of this request.

Jacqueline R. Kinney
Senior VP and General Counsel
California Cable & Telecommunications Association
925 L Street, Suite 850
Sacramento CA 95814
916-446-7732 (o)
530-400-8724 (m)
jkinney at calcable.org<mailto:jkinney at calcable.org>

To All Parties:

I received the request below from Jacqueline Kinney of the California Cable & Telecommunications Association, asking for a one-week extension of time to file Opening Comments and a one-week extension of time to file Reply Comments on the Assigned Commissioner Ruling issued August 6, 2021.  This ruling grants that request.  Opening Comments are due by September 3, 2021 and Reply Comments are due by September 21.

Additionally, shapefiles, maps and other information parties have requested are available on the Commission's website, specifically on the webpage created for this proceeding, under the "Middle Mile Locations" heading.  Parties and other interested individuals may access this data at:  https://www.cpuc.ca.gov/industries-and-topics/internet-and-phone/broadband-infrastructure-deployment.



Thomas J. Glegola
Administrative Law Judge
California Public Utilities Commission

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Cc: Jacqueline Kinney <Jkinney at calcable.org<mailto:Jkinney at calcable.org>>; Elizabeth Bojorquez <eb at calcable.org<mailto:eb at calcable.org>>
Subject: R.20-09-001 Request for Extension - party poll
Importance: High

To the Parties of R.20-09-001:

CCTA plans to request under Rule 11.6 a one-week extension of time to file Opening Comments and a one-week extension to file Reply Comments on the Assigned Commissioner Ruling issued August 6, 2021, such that Opening Comments would be due September 3 and Reply Comments would be due September 21.

CCTA is seeking to ensure that there is adequate time to provide meaningful feedback to inform the CPUC staff report that will identify locations for California's $3.25 billion state open access middle-mile network. Specifically, more time is needed to evaluate the massive amounts of data underlying the proposed Anchor Build Fiber Highways and make recommendations to ensure the proposed network is built in a manner to benefit communities that need it most.  There have already been delays in evaluating this data as the various shapefile layers for the map have been requested from staff but not yet been made available to parties.

In addition, CCTA will seek an extension of time to file Reply Comments on the basis that, although Opening Comments have not yet been filed, a significant number are expected based on the high volume of comments received in earlier phases in this rulemaking and the magnitude of the $3.25 middle-mile investment.  Moreover, the Labor Day holiday falls within the current reply period.

This extension request, if granted, would still be far before the CPUC's deadline under Senate Bill 156 to "solicit and receive public comments" within 90 days of the bill's effective date of July 20, which is October 18.  Moreover, it is CCTA's view that this extension would not adversely affect any party.
Please let me know by 11 am Pacific time tomorrow, Wednesday August 18 whether you agree to this requested extension.
Thank you.

Jacqueline R. Kinney
Senior VP and General Counsel
California Cable & Telecommunications Association
925 L Street, Suite 850
Sacramento CA 95814
916-446-7732 (o)
530-400-8724 (m)
jkinney at calcable.org<mailto:jkinney at calcable.org>

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