[CalFiber] Sign on letter to Governor Newsom calling for special session on broadband access

Ernesto Falcon ernesto at eff.org
Tue Sep 15 10:20:44 PDT 2020

Just as a reminder, we're making a hard push for as many signers in the 
next two weeks and we need everyone here to reach out to their networks 
for sign ons to build a critical mass by the end of this month to get 
the special session. Governor Newsom indicated to a reporter earlier 
this month that under the right conditions he would call for a special 
session on broadband access, so lets give him one. Feel free to just 
forward this email text below.

Hey folks,

California came extremely close to passing a $1 billion+ package to 
close the digital divide through a combination of grants and supporting 
local government bonds to build the infrastructure but the big ISPs ran 
out the clock on regular order on August 31. I give the details as well 
as the background on the package that has support from a lot of 
political leadership in CA here in this blog piece.


With regular order concluding on August 31, we have to get the Governor 
to invoke a special session on broadband access, which he can do well 
into November (November 30th is the deadline for all legislative 
activity in CA).

EFF and Common Sense Media are circulating the attached letter now for 
signers (sign on link at the bottom) to make that request. If your 
organization has either national presence or is based in California, we 
ask for your support by signing on. We need a critical mass to get this 
done and I appreciate any help you can lend to this effort. We are 
looking to submit the letter by September 28th.

If you have contacts with organizations in California that would have an 
interest in joining this effort, please forward them this email and link 
below for signers.

_*If your organization wishes to sign onto this letter, use the link 


If your organization wants to do social media on this letter and effort, 
please feel free to coordinate with our state activism lead Hayley 
Tsukayama (hayleyt at eff.org). We have to make a steady drum beat of noise 
to get the special session.

Ernesto Omar Falcon
Senior Legislative Counsel
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Office: 415 436 9333 ext. 182
Cell: 202 716 0770

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