[CalFiber] Sign-on letter to federal agency review teams re tech/civil rights/personnel

Eric Null eric at accessnow.org
Fri Nov 13 12:19:26 PST 2020

 Hi all,

Even though this is a California-specific list, I figured some of you might
be interested in this sign-on letter
addressed to the heads of the federal agency review teams, advocating for
inclusion of a diversity of voices and dedicated tech/civil rights/human
rights expertise at all levels of the agencies.

Unless there's a large error, please keep any suggested edits minor.

If you could let me know if your org would like to sign on *by Tuesday, Nov
17 at noon EST*, we will send it by Tuesday COB. Please include your org
name as you'd like it to be reflected in the letter. Feel free to share
with other like-minded non-profits and have them email me if they'd like to
sign on.

Thank you!

*Eric Null* (he/him/his)
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Access Now | accessnow.org

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